Special Thank You to

  • Dawn LaDu – Special Advisor
  • Alexander Aquino – Visual Director
  • Deputy Mayor Ralph Urban
  • Trustee Stephen A. Franco
  • Trustee Rob Rubio
  • Trustee Brian Tymann
  • Chief of Police: Steven McManus
  • Robert Vanderhoef – Designer & Web Developer
  • Dr. Gordana Obuskovic – Consultant / Staff Member

Generous Supporters

Thank you to our supporters!

  • Speonk Lumber
  • Mayor Maria Moore
  • Suburban Exterminating
  • Florence Building Materials
  • Charles and Mary Atanasio
  • Lee Illickal and Family
  • Margaret Avallone
  • Thomas DeRosa
  • Joe Felice
  • Diane Herold

Support our cause

Your contributions are extremely valued. If you are interested in helping our cause, you can make a tax deductible, charitable donation to The Musical Mime Company, INC. TAX EX NUMBER 153422, FEDERAL ID 521-07-1893

The President of Musical Mime Theatre, Mr. Steven Colucci is working with a team of generous sponsors and the town of Westhampton Beach to bring incredibly talented artists to our local community.

All we ask is that you bring a lawn chair and enjoy a wonderful, live performing arts show. Coolers and snacks are optional should you desire.


Westhampton Beach Great Lawn

Hosted by

Steven Colucci & The Musical MIME Theater